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    The change we've been waiting for

    In case you’ve been counting penguins in Antarctica, the Orioles have made the biggest change in the organization since Peter Angelos bought the team from Eli Jacobs.


    No, I’m not talking about removing poor overmatched Sam Perlozzo from the managerial position; I’m talking about Angelos naming Andy MacPhail President of Baseball Operations.


    That’s right my friends, President. No more of the VP of Baseball Operations that Syd Thrift, Jim Beattie and Mike Flanagan held, President—head honcho – the main man – the guy RESPONSIBLE for baseball operations with the Baltimore Orioles.


    If your still not sure this is a huge change in operation, take into consideration the fact there’s a reason Angelos gave his “GMs” the title of Vice President of Baseball Operations. It’s because he was the president. All semi-major moves had to be validated by him and that meant waiting for him to make a decision that could take multiple days. In baseball, that’s time and opportunities wasted and the Orioles have been hamstrung with this way of operating for at least the last nine years.


    Apparently though, Angelos has finally gotten as frustrated as we are and has given the reigns over to MacPhail. Even the opening statement by Orioles General Counsel (read- Angelos’ proxy) Russell Smouse makes you believe for once that things may be changing, “The fans have been sending a strong message that they want change. The Orioles have heard that message and are responding.”


    MacPhail comes with a serious baseball pedigree and when combined with the fact that Angelos seems to trust him, this can only lead to a better future. Something had to change, and firing just the manager wasn’t going to cut it. As most of us have figured out, Perlozzo was one of the problems, not the only problem.


    This organization has lacked the ability to think creatively and in a timely manner for years now, but it appears that has changed. Even MacPhail is making comments we haven’t heard before:


    When asked if he received a guarantee from Peter Angelos that he would be the guy calling the shots and decisions, MacPhail was blunt. “If I didn’t feel that way, what you outlined, I wouldn’t be here. It’s just that simple.” MacPhail would later add, “Peter Angelos is the owner of the team who has entrusted me to run his baseball operations.”


    He would go on to say he outlined the lines in which he must have authority to act and he feels comfortable that both he and Angelos understand and agree. It certainly sounds like he has full control to me.


    The next best thing I heard was this line from MacPhail, “I am absolutely responsible for the baseball operations.”


    When was the last time you heard anyone with the Orioles say he was RESPONSIBLE for anything?


    MacPhail is responsible for Orioles baseball operations, not Peter Angelos. From what I can tell, the torch has been passed and we all should believe the Orioles future is much brighter today then it was last week.

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Tony Pente

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