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    This one hurts

    Man this one hurts.

    So many things to be upset about this particular walk off loss, but getting upset with George Sherrill shouldn’t be one of them.

    First off, I think everyone but home plate umpire Ron Kulpa thought he had strike three on the pitch before, unfortunately for the Orioles he’s the one that counted. Yes, it was a borderline pitch, but it sure did look like strike three to me.

    Although this was Sherrill’s fourth blown save of the year, he’s been money this year way more times than not and really, when you are the closer, it usually only takes one bad pitch to blow a game. Sherrill’s pitch wasn’t terrible, but it certainly was a lot flatter than his previous sliders and unfortunately it appears Ronny Belliard was guessing slider.

    Speaking of Belliard, his little look out at Sherrill and then spitting while walking about half way down the first base line was about as classless as it gets. For a guy who looks and plays like Manny Ramirez’s untalented little brother, he sure did make sure the world saw he’s a classless ball player. Belliard said after the game that he felt disrespected since Sherrill pitched around Dmitri Young to pitch him. Maybe he didn’t realize he was 1-for his last-13 and was batting .205 on the season. He got the respect he deserved and after today, he’ll get less by anyone who saw his little circus act.

    Hey, just found this:

    class·less    Audio Help   (klâs'lĭs)  Pronunciation Key 

    1. Lacking social or economic distinctions of class: a classless society.
    2. Belonging to no particular social or economic class.
    3. See Ronny Belliard’s reaction after game winning homerun off of George Sherrill on June 29, 2008.

    Enough about this clown though.

    This one hurts no matter how it happened, but was particularly tough to swallow because of the entire situation. The Orioles were one pitch away from winning the season series over the Nationals, actually winning a game on a Sunday, and coming back for another win.


    One flat slider away.

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