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Sunday, December 16, 2018

We say goodbye to Buck and Adam today?

Both men who gave their alls for the city and it's fans. Plenty of seats available. Great weather. Read Read and comment Read comment and applaud  

O So Close 2-1

David Hess pitched masterfully for seven innings. Tanner Scott made a mess. Ryan Meisinger cleaned it up. David Hess struck out four, walked two and...

Per Bob Nightengale, Dan to Stay – Buck to Leave

Read the thread here https://twitter.com/BNightengale/status/1043204559647068161

HHP: We’re the worst team in the business (Ownership driving decisions) – Dan Duquette

By O's are Legends Some serious gems in this article. If Dan Duquette isn't retained, I'm sure he could write a tell all book during his...

Opener Game Lose 5-0

The Orioles, short on healthy starters, employed the bull-pening craze to face the visiting Toronto Blue Jays in the first of a series of...

Drungo and the Dark Arts

by Drungo Hazewood 113 National League pitchers have made five or more starts this year. Kevin Gausman is 107th in K/9, at 5.8. He has a...

HHP: Developing Pitching

by esmd The Orioles stink at developing pitching. Here's a flaw in the logic, we've had multiple people in the GM/VPOBO role, multiple managers, scouting directors,...

Pitchers in Blowout Games – Fangraphs

https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/an-incomplete-study-of-pitchers-in-blowout-games/ https://twitter.com/TheWeams/status/1038726930504318977

HHP: Bundy?

LookitsPuck said: I'd shut him down. Dylan Bundy was placed on the DL with a sprained ankle on June 26th. Prior to June 26th, he had...

Orioles Swept 9-1

https://twitter.com/EddieInTheYard/status/1036368943693189120 https://twitter.com/RichDubroffMLB/status/1036371791726432256 Three Errors. Box Score  

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