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Statcast Sprint Speed

How Fast? Calibrating speed grades by position using Statcast Sprint Speed.

This post stems from a question I was asked on the Orioles Hangout message boards. I had stated that Orioles top prospect Austin Hays...
2018 Orioles Draft Recap

2018 Orioles Draft Recap

Here at Orioles Hangout, we pride ourselves in offering a ton of draft coverage. That can be found here, the 2018 Orioles Draft Tracker....

Means Loses Post All Star 12-4

John Means crashed home to reality in his first post All Star start. David Hess was a mess. Tayler Scott was no...

Orioles Select Four in Rule Five Draft

The Orioles used their number two selection in the draft to pick Astros RHP Brandon Bailey. A five pitch starter profile OH's...

Orioles Trade Tommy Milone

The Orioles sent left-handed starter Tommy Milone to the Atlanta Braves for two prospects not in their 60 person pool. The return...

Albert Almora Jr. in Orioles Sights?

Join the discussion here. https://twitter.com/sean_sears6/status/932361406015574016

HHP: What does Cain tell us about Adam

by frobby What does Lorenzo Cain’s 5/$80 mm deal tell us about what kind of deal Adam Jones will get next year? Cain is going into...
Richard Passwater

One on One with Mike Elias

Still less than six months since being hired to completely rebuild the Orioles organization, Mike Elias is one busy man.
Orioles Spring Training

Orioles Spring Training: 10 Things to Watch

The satisfying smack of leather on leather has returned, random but rhythmic as battery mates line up under many watchful eyes.  The crack of...
Chris Tillman Returns

Right-handed Starting Pitcher Chris Tillman Returns to Orioles

Club sources report that Chris Tillman will return to the Orioles for the 2018 season. Tillman has been working out at the Ed Smith...

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