52.2 F
Baltimore, MD
Monday, April 24, 2017
Keegan Akin

Scouting Keys vs Winston-Salem Dash – Akin Start

Keegan Akin (FRE) vs Zach Thompson (WS) (FB, Knucklecurve) Akin - Used fastball, slider combination through first two innings. Added in an occasional curve and change after wards....

Scouting Keys vs Carolina 4/16 – Peralta start

Starters: Ofelky Peralta (FRE) vs Conor Harber (fastball, curveball, change - Org guy) Peralta - Fastball, change, curve and slider. Fastball is his best pitch with good velocity,...

Spring Training Report: February 19, 2017

Sarasota; February 19, 2017:  Today as the 3rd day of full squad workouts and drills, plus an event for Sarasota Spring Season Ticket Plan...

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