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HHP: Matt Bennett asks what’s next

by Matt Bennett The team would have to play .600 ball (84 wins in 139 games) to win 90 games. It's not happening. Dan Duquette...
Courtesy Orioles

HHP: Steve A and the Closer

I think installing Brach as the closer could well be the wrong move. Wouldn't argue if that had been your point. But once you've made...

HHP: Frobby’s Take on 2018

I’ve almost never felt as uncertain about an Orioles team as I am about the 2018 O’s.    There’s tons of potential and tons...

It’s Opening Day!

TODAY 3/29 Partly Sunny 71° /58° Areas of morning fog Gametime 3:05 Gates open at noon. Talk about it here.

HHP: Frobby’s Game Take 3/17

Here’s a few thoughts on today’s game: 1. Wright was Wright. First inning, there was a botched 3-1 play scored as a hit, but it...

Roy Firestone interviews Zach Britton

https://youtu.be/uJrLuAxDNB8 Roy Up Close with Zach  

HHP: Answerman back from Sarasota

By poster Answerman Just returned from Sarasota. A few random thoughts in no particular order. - Love our stadium. Also went to the Rays' home in...

HHP: The Business of the Orioles

by spiritof66 When Peter Angelos bought the team in 1993, I don’t think I was paying much attention to anything other than his pledge to...

HHP: Duquette vs. Angelos

by spiritof66 I think that what happened is that a significant rift has opened up between Duquette and Angelos because they have two very different...

HHP: Net improvement?

theocean I know this is totally ridiculous, but just for fun: Cashner had a 4.6 WAR last year. Ubaldo had -1.3 WAR. So 5.9 additional WAR...

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