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The Maryland late March weather wasn't cooperating as rain ended the game after just five innings and giving the Red Sox a 2-0 win over the now 1-3 Orioles. Lineup vs Matt Hall...

Cobb strong as the Orioles win 5-1 over Yanks (sim)

The Orioles will take on the Yankees today with Alex Cobb taking the mound for the Orioles for the first time since...

Yankees bomb Orioles 9-5 in Season Opener (sim)

It looks like the juiced ball will continue in 2020 as the the Yankees out homered the Orioles 5-3 in their 9-5...

Roster Takes Shape for Opening Day (OOTP sim)

(Note: We will be simming the 2020 Orioles season using Out of the Park 21 simulation game software. We'll make the moves...

OOTP 2020 Virtual Orioles Season

This is normally the time of year where baseball fans are getting excited about the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, as we...

Coronavirus And The Effects On MiLB

Covid-19, the coronavirus, has touched all of us in many ways.  It has altered every aspect of our daily lives; shelter in place and...

3/11 Sarasota Notebook

By Eric Garfield Full article with video here. Back to typical Sarasota, it’s about 75...

Orioles Fall to Toronto 14-to-2

Tom Eshelman pitched two innings allowing nine rns on three home runs. Mychal Givens allowed two runs in his innings and a...

Sarasota Notebook 3/10

by Eric Garfield Full Report with Videos Here. Good morning from Sarasota. As I...

Orioles Beat Braves 6-3

Keegan Akin was working on an "uncomfortable" feel when pitching from the stretch. Catcher Bryan Holaday called for a couple pitches up...

3/9 Sarasota Notebook

Full Report with Videos Good morning from Sarasota.  I’m eager to get back to minor league camp but stuck in...
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OH Minor League VLOG #2

Tony Pente talks about the Orioles minor league prospects.

Orioles Hangout VBLOG 7/26

Tony Pente talks Orioles and takes on Hangouters questions.
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