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Age: 232019 Level: AA/AAA Tools (current/future value) Hit: 40/45 Game Power: 45/45 Raw Power: 50/50 Run: 50/50 Glove: 50/50 Arm: 50/50 Most Likely Future Role: Utility InfielderCeiling:...

Orioles #25 Prospect Gray Fenter – RHP

Age: 232019 Level: A Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 50/55Curveball: 45/55Changeup: 35/40Command: 40/45Most Likely Future Role: Middle...

Orioles #24 Prospect Leonardo Rodriguez – RHP

Age: 212019 Level: A- Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 50/60Changeup: 30/40Slider: 45/55Command: 40/45Most Likely Future Role:...
Richard Passwater

Orioles #23 Prospect Zach Pop – RHP

Age: 232019 Level: AA Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 70/70Slider: 50/55Command: 40/45Most Likely Future Role: 7th Inning/medium...

Orioles #22 Prospect Adam Stauffer – RHP

Age: 202019 Level: A-/A Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 50/55Curveball: 45/50Changeup: 40/50Command: 35/45Most Likely Future Role: Middle...

Orioles #20 Prospect Bruce Zimmermann – LHP

Age: 242019 Level: AA/AAA Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 45/45Curveball: 40/45Changeup: 55/55Slider: 50/50Command: 50/50Most Likely Future...

Orioles #19 Prospect Ryan McKenna – CF

Age: 222019 Level: AA Tools (current/future value) Hit: 40/45 Game Power: 40/45 Raw Power: 50/50...
Pic: Patrick Cavey

Orioles #18 Prospect Kyle Stowers – OF

Age: 212019 Level: A- Tools (current/future value) Hit: 30/45 Game Power: 40/50 Raw Power: 50/60...

Orioles #17 Prospect Adam Hall – SS

Age: 202019 Level: A Tools (current/future value) Hit: 30/50 Game Power: 30/40 Raw Power: 30/40...

Orioles #16 Prospect Darell Hernaiz – SS

Age: 182019 Level: Rookie Tools (current/future value) Take with a grain of salt because we...
brenan hanifee

Orioles #15 Prospect Brenan Hanifee – RHP

Age: 212019 Level: A+ Pitches (current/future value)Fastball: 45/50Changeup: 30/40Slider: 40/50Command: 40/50Most Likely Future Role:...
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