September 14, 2012; Oakland, CA, USA; Baltimore Orioles designated hitter Chris Davis (19) reacts to a called strike during the ninth inning against the Oakland Athletics at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Pedro Alvarez’s two homer night last night got me thinking about what Orioles hitters have been the most productive since the weather warmed up? Sometimes fans remember how a player started the year, either hot or cold, and carry those thoughts throughout the year.

As we know Alvarez started off ice cold this year with some fans even clamoring for the team to release him. Afterall, he was slashing .194/.294/.350.644 with just 3 homers in his first 119 American League PAs. Alvarez though has always been a slow starter and some of us were more patient with him despite his poor start. As Buck always said, the guy has a track record.

Here’s what the offensive starters have done since June 1st:

C – Matt Wieters – .200/.279/.356/.635 with 6 HR, 15 BB, 29 K in 154 PAs
Analysis: Wieters was looking like a good news story but he’s had an awful July slashing .127/.200/.190/.390 which has sunk his numbers badly. Defensively, although he’s still throwing pretty well, his blocking has been very sub par and his receiving, framing and game calling has never been his strength. So even though he was selected as an All-Star, Wieters will need to rebound her down the stretch or he should lose more playing time to Caleb Joseph who looked much better at the plate when playing regularly.

1B – Chris Davis – .223/.333/.457/.790 with 12 HR, 29 BB, 76 K in 219 PAs.
Analysis: Davis has always been a streaky hitter and this year has been no different. Currently he’s in one of his “Hole in the lineup slumps” Slashing .153/.259/.255/.514 with an amazing 44 K in his last 112 PA since 29 June. Buck will need to keep playing him, but he may want to start sliding him down the order, especially with Alvarez heating up.

2B – Jonathan Schoop – .303/.338/.514/.851 with 9 HR, 8 BB, 43 K in 231 PAs.
Analysis: Finally some good news in the lineup as Schoop has been hitting like an All-star caliber second baseman for most of the summer. Like a good portion of the rest of the lineup, he’s struggled a bit since the All-star break slashing .203/.203/.392/.585 in 74 PAs but he has come up with some big hits. Defensively he’s been outstanding this year.

SS – JJ Hardy – .292/.322/.394/.716 with 2 HR, 6 BB, 19 K in 143 PAs.
Analysis: Since returning from the DL on June 18th, Hardy been pretty solid overall at the plate. Although at this point in his career his power is pretty much gone, he’s hitting enough to be effective. Hardy has been one of the few Orioles hitting well since the All-Star break .305/.349/.390/.739. Defensively he’s lost some range but he’s as steady as ever and is the infield general.

3B – Manny Machado – .292/.344/.470/.814 with 9 HR, 16 BB, 36 K in 221 PAs.
Analysis: Manny has been solid this summer though he’s had some struggles since the All-star break slashing just .230/.324/.393/.717 in 71 PAs. Defensively Machado is well on his way to his next gold glove.

LF – Hyun Soo Kim – .320/.403/.426/.829 with 2 HR, 14 BB, 16K in 139 PAs.
Analysis: Although Kim missed some time around the All-star break with a pulled hamstring, he’s been exactly what he was advertised by the Orioles scouts and maybe even more. Like in the KBO, Kim finds ways to get on base and rarely has bad at bats. Defensively he’s been decent in left field and has made some strong throws at times.

CF – Adam Jones – .296/.336/.539/.875 with 16 HR, 14 BB, 41 K, 248 PAs.
Analysis: After a slow start this year, some began to question whether Jones was in his inevitable decline but his numbers since June 1st should quell those concerns. Jones has been playing like an all-star and hitting like a number three hitter while leading off. Defensively he’s had some high and low points this year, but he’s still a solid center fielder who can make amazing throws at times.

RF – Mark Trumbo – .253/.308/.516/.824 with 15 HR, 17 BB, 58 K in 234 PAs.
Analysis: The All-Star and home run derby contestant has been an outstanding addition to the lineup this summer, but post All-Star break struggles .162/.208/.309/.517 have sparked some concerns, especially for a guy who is known as a stronger first half player. Defensively he’s a below average right fielder, but he hasn’t killed the team out there and catches everything he gets to.

DH – Pedro Alvarez – .296/.321/.624/.945 with 12 HR, 5 BB, 40 K in 131 PAs.
Analysis: Alvarez has heated up with the weather and his six home runs since the All-star break paces the Orioles.

Although the team has struggled offensively since the All-star break, outside of Wieters, the starters have hit well since the weather has warmed. Obviously Davis is mired in a bad streak right now, but with Alvarez hitting well of late and the addition of another solid right-handed bat in Pearce, the Orioles offense looks to be good shape down the stretch.

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