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The major news today is that shortstop J. J. Hardy won’t be doing  baseball activities until March 1. He says it’s the same type of back spasms as previous years. It started this year about the time of fan fest.

He  met with media and says looking for test results from cat scan and MRI later today and will have a bone evaluation tomorrow. He feels good that if it was going to happen that it was early.

J.J. Hardy’s back spasms began about the time of FanFest. The spasms are
similar to those he has had for the past 2 years. The good news is that
his back responds to treatment and that this time it is earlier and he
hopes to be healed and ahead of the problem for the rest of the year.
The bad news is that he will not begin baseball activities until at
least March 1.

In a news conference arranged for the media held in front
of his locker about 1:00 o’clock this afternoon, J.J. said that he will
know more when the results of a CT scan and MRI are in later today and a
bone evaluation” tomorrow.

He said that he has always felt that March 1
was early enough to start spring training anyway, and that he feels that
he will be ready for Opening Day.

Courtesy Pressbox
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