HHP: Frobby’s First Week

Credit: Craig Landefeld

– Rickard has played in all 8 games, the only one on the team to do so. In 18 PA (tied for most on the team), he has 7 walks, one HBP and 3 hits. He’s off to a very good start in his bid to make the OD roster.

– Chris Johnson also has 18 PA and has done well, 5 hits, 1 BB, 2 HBP. I don’t see a path to him making the OD roster, but he looks like a guy who might get called upon if Manny got hurt or had to slide to SS for a bit.

– Mancini has 17 PA, and has 6 hits, including two doubles. It will be tough for him to make the team the way the roster is constructed, but Buck’s giving him a hard look.

– Giovatella has 16 PA and 5 hits and a walk. Another guy who probably has no path to the OD roster but has made a nice first impression.

– Andino, Santander, Tavarez and Gentry all have 15 PA. None have done too much yet, and I’d be a little concerned that Santander’s 7 K’s in 15 PA suggests he might not be ready to jump from A+ to the big leagues. But I’m sure he’ll get the plenty more chances.

– On the pitching side, Jayson Aquino, Tyler Wilson and Chris Lee have all looked sharp. Oliver Drake and Parker Bridwell haven’t. Liranzo’s looking like a guy to keep an eye on for a second-half promotion.

For me, the first week highlight was Ryan Mountcastle hitting a game-tying homer in the bottom of the 9th, in his second major league spring training at bat. Just a nice moment for a kid we have high hopes for who’s still 2+ years away from the majors. Hit it off a pitcher who’s had 47 innings of big league experience, not some equally green prospect.