Orioles Win Over Dominican Republic 5 – 4

Fun and Games


It was finally fun and games for the Dominican Republic of the WBC. It made no matter that they would lose their exhibition scrimmage with the Orioles as the Dominican Republic team was just happy to be playing together. In the photo above, Oriole Manny Machado #3, center) and former Oriole, Nelson Cruz (center, facing Manny) are holding the #1 banana high as the DR team chants, sings and dances prior to the game.

The lineup (above) for the DR team resembles an All-Star lineup.

It was an impressive group as they assembled for both the DR and USA National Anthems.

In case you have forgotten the words to the DR National Anthem, they are printed above.

None of us like to see Manny in a non-Orioles uniform, but here are a couple of photos of Manny from today’s game.

New catcher Wellington Castillo is also a member of the DR team.

Former Oriole, Nelson Cruz is also a DR team member.

The DR tam also has Toronto player Jose Bautista, who received plenty of boos from Orioles fans.


The Orioles looked sharp in their 5 – 4 victory, and all seemed to enoy the game of BASEBALL!