Minors: March 18, Red Sox


Twin Lakes; March 18: Another beautiful day in Paradise as the Boston Red Sox Minor’s organization engaged their Orioles’ counterparts. Today it was AA and AAA day at the Orioles’ Buck O’Neil Complex at Twin Lakes.

The approximately 200 players competing at the minor league complex are well securitized by coaches, coordinators, scouts and brass from various angles. More weight is given to their observations than to any statistics. The photo below shows the minor league top brass watching a pitcher along with Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Dan Duquette. In the photo with Dan Duquette (2nd from right) are Director of Player Development, Brian Graham (left), Director of Minor League Operations, Kent Qualls (second from left) and Assistant Director, Minor League and International Operations, Cole Cox (right).


Pitchers SCHEDULED for today are listed below:

Have you been following knuckleballer Tomo Ohka? The 41 year old has been a conventional pitcher in the majors from 1999-2009. He is now trying to get back with his knuckleball. His last professional experience was in the minors in 2014.  He was recently in the Red Sox organization who he will be pitching against today.


The lineup for Norfolk is presented below:


The lineup for Bowie is given below:

The Red Sox organization is one of the few that stress massage therapy over icing after a pitcher completes his pitching. Icing merely hampers the recovery process and leads to a weakening of the muscles. Top sports physicians say “stop icing.” Massage therapy contributes to better blood flow and nourishing of the muscles as well as expediting the removal of wate products. Icing does just the opposite and interferes with Nature’s way of healing and strengthening. The photo below shows a Red SOx pitcher who has just finished pitching and immediately gets his massage on the field from the trainer.