Trading Davis – Paul Coates


I am fairly certain that Chris Davis is wholly untradeable. There are maybe 4 or 5 contracts in baseball that are worse

Price: 18:$30M, 19:$31M, 20:$32M, 21:$32M, 22:$32M (4 YRS / $157M)

Heyward:18:$21.5M, 19:$20M, 20:$21M, 21:$21M,22:$22M, 23:$22M (6 YRS $127.5M)

Davis:18:$23M, 19:$23M, 20:$23M, 21:$23M, 22:$23M (5 YRS / $115M)

Pujols: 18:$27M, 19:$28M, 20:$29M, 21:$30M (4 YRS / $114M)

Zimmerman:18:$21.5M, 19:$20M, 20:$21M (3 YRS $62.5M)

To a lesser extent I would consider Miguel Cabrera and Giancarlo Stanton to have terrible contracts. Not that these guys are gonna be traded to the Orioles for Davis

Cabrera: 18:$30M, 19:$30M, 20:$30M, 21:$30M, 22:$32M, 23:$32M, 24:$30M club option ($8M buyout), 25:$30M club option – (6 YRS $192M at a minimum)

Stanton: 18:$25M, 19:$26M, 20:$26M,21:$29M, 22:$29M, 23:$32M, 24:$32M, 25:$32M, 26:$29M,27:$25M, 28:$25M club option ($10M buyout) (10 YRS – $294M at a minimum)

Before anyone wonders why I included Stanton, I think when he starts declining, that contract is brutal and a complete albatross