Statcast has come out with a defensive metric called “Outs Above Average” based on their Catch Probability evaluation for each fly ball than an outfielder fielded. Here’s how the Orioles fared:

Rickard +5

Santander 0

Smith 0

Flaherty -1

Hays -1

Mancini -5

Trumbo -5

Jones -7

Worth noting: throwing does not enter into these figures, and they are cumulative stats, not rate stats (i.e., Trumbo’s -5 in 31 OF starts is a lot worse than Mancini’s -5 in 87).

A full breakdown of each level of catch for all outfielders can be found here

Per Statcast, Byron Buxton made the most catches above average in the majors (+25), while Matt Kemp was the furthest below average (-13).