Projected Minor League Depth Chart


Although spring training performance, injuries and evaluations will affect any final decisions on the minor league break camp rosters, it’s always fun to give it a shot as minor league spring training games begin.

We have put down six starting pitchers for each level though only some levels may employ six starters versus the normal five. those six will be in competition. Christian Alvarado and Brian Gonzales could also be in the mix for a starters spot at Frederick or possibly Bowie.

What are your thoughts? Did we miss anyone? Any surprises? Bowie projected third baseman and top prospect Ryan Mountcastle will start the year on the DL with a broken hand and may not be back until May.

POS Norfolk Bowie Frederick Delmarva
1B A. Rodriguez J. Mahoney A. Murphy R. Ripken
2B R. Tejada A. Marin P. Palmeiro K. Moesquit
SS E. Vielma E. Salcedo M. McCoy A. Hall
3B D. Dosch G. Rosa J. Reyes T. Craport
C A. Wynns A. Susac D. Fajardo B. Breazeale
LF D. Stewart R. Gassaway C. Billingsley T. Nichting
CF J. Rickard C. Mullins R. McKenna L. Sparks
RF A Hays A. Rifaela J. Ring T. Graham
DH A. Presley R. Andujar T. Kirk S. Curran
OF J. Brugman M. Yastrzemski J. Hart G. Grim
C A. Perez A. Araiza S. Levy L. Ringhofer
UTL L. Sardinas C. Joseph C. Clare A. Juvier
SP C. Lee (L) H. Harvey A. Wells (L) Z. Lowther (L)
SP A. Asher J. Means (L) C. Sedlock B. Hanifee
SP J. Aquino K. Akin (L) M. Dietz M. Bauman
SP A. Wojciechowski M. Grimes J. Perluffo G. Fenter
SP D. Hess L. Lugo (L) O. Peralta D. Hall (L)
SP T. Melville Y. Ramirez L. Humpal C. Bishop (L)
RP T. Scott L. Gonzalez (L) T. Chlebord N. Vespi (L)
RP A. Faulker (L) B. Gonzalez (L) J. Flaa B. Bonilla
RP S. Crichton J. Liranzo F. Jimenez J. Teague
RP J. Yacobonis R. Meisinger S. Burke C. Dube
RP L. Long C. Alvarado M. Burke Z. Muckenhirm (L)
RP D. Hart (L) M. Wotherspoon S. Klimek M. Knutson
RP J. Egin (L) D. Holmberg (L) M. Trowbridge (L) J. Johnson
RP M. Kelly R. Love (L) T. Seabrooke (L) Z. Matson (L)

Got a thought? Did we miss someone? Talk about it here.

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