Frederick Keys

Cody Sedlock

4IP, 9H, 5ER, 2BB, 3K – 88 pitches, 47 strikes

The former 1st round pick started for the Keys.

Fastball sat 88-90mph and touched 92. Some tail and sink, but not particularly lively. Induced groundballs effectively at or below the knees but got barreled hard frequently when up over the plate. Was around the plate, not wild, but unable to throw a strike when needed.

Curveball low 70s flashed 55 (above-average) but was typically worse, not tightly spun. Threw some for strikes, no chases out of the zone though, hitters were picking it up well.

Slider was sloppy and looked like he yanked a fastball. Fringe pitch on the night.

Changeup was the only pitch he got whiffs on, some tumble, matches FB armspeed well. Command of the pitch could have been better, didn’t throw it for a strike, but was deceptive enough to get a couple chases. 55 future grade.

Physical/Mechanical after seeing him on video a ton, first time seeing him in person, wasn’t impressed by athleticism. Armspeed has taken a major step back from college, and even looked worse than his previous start. His arm circle is back similar to his smooth but long college delivery rather than the stiff deep arm stab he did last year. Wasn’t fluid getting off of his backside coming down the mound. Top a little hop rather than driving through the rear hip.

Overall just didn’t look good, was throwing junk, maybe 50-60% offspeed from the jump. While his offspeed pitches are good enough to get High A hitters out, he didn’t command them well enough or establish his fastball enough for them to play. The FB at this velocity is an extremely hittable pitch unless pinpointed. The combination of FB velocity being so low, his armspeed being down, and loss of stuff from his first start even though the weather was much nicer tonight makes me concerned there is an injury of some type, perhaps the elbow issues from last season lingering. It is early in the season though, stuff fluctuates and he is working through mechanic things to get his old delivery back, so it’s too soon to jump to conclusions, but definitely something to keep an eye on.

Steven Klimek

3IP, 4H, 0ER, 0BB, 3K – 34 pitches, 21 strikes

Fastball 89-91mph, some late life, commands it pretty well.

Curveball 73-77 11-5 break, at least a 55 (above average), possibly plus, pairs it well with fastball, helps the fringy FB play up.

Also threw a changeup around 80mph and a mid-80s pitch, could be a slider/cutter or just an overthrown change.

Mechanics/Physical stays closed, turns his back which helps hide the ball. Some deception, fairly athletic, pretty smooth arm action for a reliever.

Overall reliever with a fringy profile, will have to max out command to have a big league future. Similar to Meisinger, less FB, better breaking ball. Could be a similar type of performer.

James Teague

2IP, 3H, 2ER, 2BB, 2K – 43 pitches, 24 strikes

Fastball 95-98, fairly straight but explodes from a closed compact delivery.

Slider 85-87, average pitch, may have flashed above average at times.

Physical/Mechanics I’m starting to like his delivery, it’s pretty simple and athletic.

Overall He’s got a live arm. This was his worst outing of the year, spring training included, but his stuff was good. Just had some issues finding the strike zone, maybe overthrowing a bit. The FB is straight enough that it gets hit pretty good in FB counts and he fell behind a lot tonight. He toughed it out and improved in his second inning though. The control/commad issues are the reason he struggled last year, but honestly, there isn’t any reason he shouldn’t have average command eventually, the delivery works and is repeatable. Relief prospect worth following.


Scouting notes on position players coming tomorrow!