HHP: TheOcean responds to Rosenthal


I understand it is easy to start theorizing when there is so little information about important things – but from Rosenthal’s article, it seems like the Commisioner’s Office is being patient with the Orioles because they know the Angelos family is in a tough situation. Peter Angelos clearly isn’t well and the article states that he isn’t expected to be well enough again to run the team. The November deadline to appoint a control person seems generous and understanding.

I don’t see the owners trying to withhold transfer of the team to an Angelos heir because…why? All that litigation sounds expensive. If they are successful, it sets a legal precedent that could come back and cause issues for their own inheritance plans for their teams. I really doubt all of the owners are really that bent out of shape about the MASN dispute.

I think this offseason, you see one of the Angelos sons appointed control person of the team. I think Brady is appointed to a position of great influence and helps the Angelos sons make decisions on GM and manager. Who knows if that is Dan Duquette or Buck – but my feeling is it is going to take into December for the Orioles to figure out their ownership issues – and by that time, a lot of players, managers, and GMs will have already secured positions for 2019. So, maybe that means the O’s stick with Buck or Dan because there aren’t many guys out there looking for jobs. Maybe it means the opposite – Buck and Dan will take jobs elsewhere instead of waiting on the O’s to get their issues figured out. Who knows. I don’t think anyone even in the Orioles front office knows at this point.

All we can do is…hang on for the ride.