By O’s are Legends

Some serious gems in this article. If Dan Duquette isn’t retained, I’m sure he could write a tell all book during his time with the O’s.

This is probably barely scratching the surface.

“We’re the worst team in the business, but we’re not unlike Kansas City, who had a good run,” Duquette said. “You go through a winning cycle. You don’t draft up high. Your players get older. There is a lot of stress on your resources to replace your players.

“Our situation in Baltimore was we put an inordinate amount of resources into the major league to try and sustain the competitive window. That was a decision by the ownership. Along the way, we didn’t invest in the infrastructure required to sustain it, and by that I mean the international [free agent] recruiting, the analytics, the technology, the front office personnel. The ownership group made a conscious choice to invest money into the major league team to extend the competitiveness of the team a bit longer.

I don’t mean to throw Roy Firestone into this but I believe he said the O’s don’t have many head scouts or something along the line. I believe it. The fact Dan Duquette is stating the O’s haven’t invested as they should in other important aspects that are necessary to run a MLB franchise speaks volume. Ownership looks worse if that’s even possible.

I’m throwing in these tweets by Britt as well even though they weren’t part of the article.


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