Silence of Ownership is Deafening


I swear the second Andrew Benintendi made that catch in front of the standings board on the Green Monster I was like, “Good grief!” The Orioles embarrassing record this year was captures for all of eternity thanks to that picturesque catch. That record is why a clearing of the house was in order. My biggest issue though so far, why wasn’t it done earlier in the season? If you weren’t sure that Dan Duquette was your guy, why was he allowed to architect the trades at the trading deadline? If Buck wasn’t your guy anymore, why allow him to continue to manage a club that was clearly awful?  

I’m not saying a new manager would or wouldn’t have lit a spark, but could it have been any worse? 47-115.. Just let that settle in and think to yourself, how bad do you have to be to only win 47 games in a season?

After thinking about that, think about why ownership has been non existence in the press even after they dismissed their baseball operations folks? Who in the world would allow their team to sink to this level and not even publicly come out and say, “We’re working this. We are looking for a qualified candidate for baseball operations that will rebuild this franchise back to being winner once again?” 

What have we gotten, nothing, zilch, not nary a comment and it’s not only sad, but quite honestly it’s embarrassing for the Angelos family. The Orioles franchise is a joke around baseball and we as fans get to take the brunt of that because we actually care about our team. We have been given absolutely nothing. 

To me, the silence is deafening. By that I mean the dysfunction within ownership is at an all-time high. Maybe the Angelos brothers will announce a prime President candidate who will announce a GM and manager and we’ll start to feel better, but the lack of addressing this entire situation goes beyond embarrassing, but to the point of bordering on incompetence. 

I’m not trying to be dramatic here, but this is the lowest of the lows for me as a fan of Orioles baseball because I literally have no idea where the brothers are, who they are interviewing, and honestly, what there plans are for the future of this franchise. It certainly appears so far that the apples did no fall far from the tree and that’s very disappointing.

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