The 2018 Baseball Season is Over.

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Wildcard states

“Roch Kubatko  seems firm on the idea that the O’s are interviewing for a President..  That is a change in philosophy from what I expected but who the heck am I to say.   Lets say Roch is right.   First question is it a  President for the Orioles that handles the Business Side and the Baseball Ops or is it just  a President of Baseball Ops?   What is the profile of a good President.   Here is what I think:

1) Someone that has had some success in building a Team.  Hopefully a Baseball team but maybe not.   The O’s this summer hire John Vidalin has COO of Business Ops.   His background is in NBA and NFL.    Is the President over Business Ops and Baseball Ops or not.

2) Look at some of the Presidents in Baseball.   Phillies- Andy MacPhail,   Red Sox Sam Kennedy,    Blue Jays – Mark Shapiro are some examples.  They manage both Business Ops and Baseball Ops.

3) Red  Sox – Dave Dombrowski,  Cubs  and Theo Epstein are examples on  Presidents of Baseball Ops that manage only the Baseball side of the team.

4) GMs may be a good place to look for a President.   It could be  a promotion depending of how much the O’s are willing to pay.

There are 5 or 6 MLB teams looking of field managers,   3 that may be looking for GMs but as far as I know the O’s are the only team looking for a President if Roch is right.   That could make competition for a top baseball exec less.

The President would hire the GM and probably have a say in who the Manager will be.

Who might be Candidates?

I have read the Mark Shapiro might be moving on from the Blue Jays.  He could be a candidate;

Anyone else?”

Satyr3206 says

“They talked to Coletti supposedly. I would imagine he is in the mix.”

Can_of_Corn drops

“The President would hire the GM and would have the power to fire him.”

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