HHP: After a Month of Reflection

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By Frobby

I’ve had a month to step back and think about the 2018 Orioles, and looking back, I still can’t believe what an awful team they were. Pretty much every player on the team underperformed his career norms, and the pieces just didn’t fit right at all. Last on offense, last in pitching, horrendous on defense.

Davis – one of the worst seasons in history but his contract kept him in the lineup.

Schoop – either terrible or hurt for three months, though he had a good July to salvage some trade value.

Beckham – hurt a lot and terrible at both 3B and SS and on offense.

Mancini – big drop from rookie year and his defense got worse too.

Jones – both speed and power were dropping off a cliff.

Trumbo – missed 60+ games with injuries and was a defensive liability when out there.

Catchers – nobody stepped up and played well.

Bench/backups – little offense, very spotty on defense.

Manny – was a force offensively but a liability at SS.

Rotation – disappointing to a man.

Bullpen – lots of injuries but the big four (Britton, Brach, O’Day and Givens) weren’t lights out even when healthy.

Overall, I look back on it and I’m glad both Dan and Buck are gone. They put together a team that didn’t make a lot of sense, and then got the least possible out of it.

What a disaster.

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Michael Williams has been an Orioles fan since the sixties when his family moved from Reading Pa to York Pa. Also, the Phillies and 1964. His Grandfather got the Chef Boyardee box seats and Mike was hooked. Brooks Robinson calls him not a fan, but a friend. He has been a member of the Orioles Hangout since early in the New Millennium and Managing Editor since 2011. Or so it seems. He lives in Harrisburg PA, down by the river. Not currently in a van.