Being a modern Front Office that uses analytics means a lot of different things. Every team does things a little different but here are some types of data analysis that teams use.

1. Creating a forward looking player projection system, basically a home cooked WAR recipe with aging curves to project out multiple years. The data that goes into this model likely varies from team to team, but I’d guess it’s similar to fWAR with proprietary defensive calculations and more intensive batted ball data for hitters with expected production based on exit velocity and other variables. For pitchers, spin rate, velocity, and exit velocity allowed are likely baked in.

2. A model for assessing amateur players, the stats carry less weight for college players and little to no weight for HS players. So the inputs include data from human scouts, velocity, spin rate, exit velocity, height, weight, and probably a couple other metrics teams have cooked up.

3. Data reports in an easily digestible format to help with in game strategy. Pitcher/Hitter tendencies to help optimize defensive positioning, pitch selection, batter strategy, baserunning, etc.

4. A data-driven player development strategy and easily digestible suite of data for minor league coaches and players.