Scouting Alex Wells 7/1

Craig Landefeld

Watching Alex Wells is just fun to watch. He’s literally the definition of a craft lefty and can throw four pitches for strikes in any count. 

Here’s one at bat vs Alex Wells with Bowie tonight. RHB – CH 81 Up and away ball, Fb 88, down and in S, CB 73, down and in Foul, 84 slider (fouled tipped) inside, FB up and away 90 for strikeout swinging! That’s pitching. Probably took about 40 seconds for the entire AB.

His fastball sat 87-90 all night though he actually hit more 90s in the 5th and 6th inning. He spots the fastball low and away often and stays out of the middle of the plate. His change tonight was anywhere from 81-85, though he throws a lot around the 83-84. Despite the fact it’s only 4-7 MPH off his fastball, he gets good face and drop and keeps it low and away to righties. He did occasionally catch too much of the plate and it was hit for a couple singles and a double.

The curveball is sharp and he can throw for strikes low in the zone. Sat 73-75 with the pitch and used it well against lefties and was not afraid to throw it to lefties.

Saw a slider a few times and it was actually a pretty good pitch around 81-84. Actually threw one great left on left slider that broke across the zone away from the LHB.

He’s works so fast and keeps batters off timed with his assortment of pitches. When he missses, he rarely misses badly. almost all of his pitches were competitive pitches. Batters know they are getting strikes but have no idea what will be coming because he throw anything in any count.

Although he started to tire around 80 pitches, he was able to battle and work his way through some trouble in the 6th. His velocity was still there but the command and fade of his change was lacking late.

I was very impressed what I saw tonight from him. this was probably the most complete pitching performance I’ve seen from Wells and he has such a unique profile that this might just work in the major leagues. 

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