Orioles #22 Prospect Adam Stauffer – RHP


Age: 20
2019 Level: A-/A

Pitches (current/future value)
Fastball: 50/55
Curveball: 45/50
Changeup: 40/50
Command: 35/45
Most Likely Future Role: Middle reliever
Ceiling: #4 Starting Pitcher

What we know: After a couple of forgettable years in Sarasota, Stauffer headed north and broke out in 2019. Stauffer is a skyscraper at 6′ 7″ tall and he uses all of it on the mound. The raw stuff isn’t particularly impressive but everything plays up due to his over the top release and big time extension. His fastball is 92-95mph at it’s best, but will drop to 88-92 in longer outings. The curveball has a great 12-6 shape, but lacks sharp bite, it’s better when thrown harder. He’ll flash a quality changeup but it lacks consistency. Command is well below average currently and control can abandon him at times as well.

What we don’t know: How much will the command improve? Will he develop the ability to hold his stuff as a starter? Will the changeup develop into a consistent weapon against LHB?

What we think: Stauffer has a lot of late blooming traits. He’s a late round, cold-weather player who is has extremely long levers and wasn’t quite physically ready for pro ball when drafted. In addition to that, he has some of the traits analytically minded teams seek. A vertical spin axis, a 12-6 curveball, and a unusual release point. He will be a good test for the Orioles new player development team. I think the biggest hurdle will be developing stamina to hold his stuff as a starter. If he can’t do that, he’ll obviously end up in the pen.

Another Take: Young fastball, curveball pitcher who had some nice success but was handled with kid gloves by the Orioles last year. He’s a long ways off, and his command and endurance will need to improve, but he’s got some nice tools to work with moving forward. (Tony Pente)

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Luke Siler
Luke graduated from Drexel University and is a former Division I athlete. He now resides in NOVA and watches an obscene amount of minor league baseball. In addition to baseball, he enjoys good coffee, good beer, weightlifting, and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.