Orioles #28 Prospect Griffin McLarty – RHP

Griffin McLarty
J. Kelley Dentry

Age: 21
2019 Level: A-

Pitches (current/future value)
Fastball: 45/50
Changeup: 40/45
Slider: 50/55
Command: 45/55
Most Likely Future Role: Long relief/AAA depth
Ceiling: #4/5 starter

What we know: McLarty was a dominant performer in college, but without dominant stuff. He thrived off pitchability and command, making an 89-91mph fastball work for him. Late spring, there were reports of the stuff improving. That continued, albeit in shorter outings in pro ball. His fastball was more 92-95mph with a sharper slider that looks like a future out pitch. He also will flash an average changeup, but his feel for it is limited and it’s 50/50 if it comes out of his hand well or not.

What we don’t know: Will he hold low to mid 90s as a starter? How will the changeup develop? How will the stuff play against advanced hitters?

What we think: There were a bunch of pitchers selected in this year’s draft who performed really well in their pro debut. Gillispie has a high spin fastball/slider combo. McSweeney has legit breaking stuff. Hammer has the best three pitch mix. Strowd has been up to 98mph. Any of them could have a case for inclusion at the backend of this list. I pushed for McLarty because he has the best chance to start. While the stuff is isn’t thrilling, he has the command to start. I also think there may be more velocity in his future. He’s younger than most of the college draft class and has room on his frame to add physicality. There’s also room to clean up his mechanics.

Another Take: I didn’t see any of McLarty’s starts this year and the video I did watch of him did not show me much of anything to get too excited over. I’ll take a wait and see approach but Luke liked him enough to want him on the list and at this point, why not? (Tony Pente)

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Luke Siler
Luke graduated from Drexel University and is a former Division I athlete. He now resides in NOVA and watches an obscene amount of minor league baseball. In addition to baseball, he enjoys good coffee, good beer, weightlifting, and spending quality time with his wife and daughter.