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Adam Jones Drives in Winning Run

USA is in the World Baseball Classic finals as a result of an Adam Jones one out grounder that drove in the winning run...

Manny’s coming home. Adam Jones is a Star Defender

USA defeats Dominican Republic 6- 3 Rankings

Minor League Spring Games Open

Sarasota, March 15: Wednesday was the opening day for the Orioles Minor League squads. The Norfolk (AAA) and Bowie (AA) squads visited their counterpart Minnesota Twins...

Orioles Re-Sign Pedro Alvarez

The Baltimore Orioles have signed outfielder Pedro Alvarez to a minor league deal with opt outs. Physical Pending. Read all about it here.

Adam Jones saves the Americans

Clutch Adam Jones drove in two of the USA's three runs in a extra inning walk off victory for the Americans against team Columbia. https://twitter.com/KevinGausman/status/840392419237605380

Real Fake Game v. Tigers Orioles Win!

Orioles win in regulation. 2-0 Sac fly and an unearned run on a two-out error . Roch Kubatko MASNSports recaps here. Read Hangout thread here.  

It’s all about the Power. Os Win!

Roch Kubatko MASNSports with a full write-up The Orioles beat the "Want to Be Orioles" 3-1 in a five inning fake contest at Ed Smith...

Intrasquad Rain Out

Game Thursday morning at 11:30. Intrasquad starters are Jimenez and Gausman.  

Report From Sarasota: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sarasota; Tuesday, February 21:     Today was a busy day at camp. The most exciting event was the first intrasquad 6-inning scrimmage this afternoon. During...

Orioles Add LHP Richard Bleier from Yanks for PTBNL

LHP Richard Bleier was a 29 year old rookie last season for the New York Yankees who allowed 6 hits against 40 left-handed batters...

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