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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Aquino enters long reliever race

I was impressed with Jayson Aquino's outing yesterday against the Phillies after he went two innings with four strikeouts. Saying that, I wouldn't go too...

Quick Look at the Orioles Spring Training Roster

It’s a fresh new start for the Mike Elias-led Baltimore Orioles as they go into spring training in a full blown rebuild. With new...

Young gets the big hit, jones shows the leadership

Without a doubt Delmond Young's pinch hit three-run double to put the Orioles ahead 7-6 was the biggest hit of the game, but don't...

Orioles Game of Thrones and the Way Forward

The Situation The Orioles are one of the worst teams in baseball and it’s clear this team needs to be rebuilt. Manny Machado is their...

OOTP 2020 Virtual Orioles Season

This is normally the time of year where baseball fans are getting excited about the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, as we...
Richard Passwater

One on One with Mike Elias

Still less than six months since being hired to completely rebuild the Orioles organization, Mike Elias is one busy man.

Roster Takes Shape for Opening Day (OOTP sim)

(Note: We will be simming the 2020 Orioles season using Out of the Park 21 simulation game software. We'll make the moves...
Jason Garcia among those cut in early rounds

Analysis of Orioles 1st Round Cuts

There were no big surprises with the Orioles first round cuts as none of the players cut were expected to make the team. The...
Pic: Richard Passwater

Mullins: Starter or Future 4th Outfielder?

It's the question that has hung over Cedric Mullins since he burst on the prospect season after making a two level jump...

The only question left for Angelos

The Chicago Cubs did this organization a favor this weekend. Both they and the Orioles entered the second halfs was sub .500 records, but only...

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